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Healing through Clowning with Angelicuss

As marginalized artists, our suffering, pain and hurt is often marketable. In this workshop, we are going to counter self-exploitation with self-love, we are going to make our radical-play and healing part of our practice, instead of only our trauma. Clowning and Collage: A workshop on Radical-self love as a marginalized artist is a workshop that focuses on radical play, self-love and femme empowerment through performance poetry, poetry improvisation and clowning poetry exercises. During Clowning and Collage, workshop participants will be re-energized to place spontaneity, creativity and delight into their craft. With exercises such as crafting a “ride-list”, collage making, exorcising old grief through comedic performances, and stream-of consciousness poetry writing, this workshop will not only hone in on the development of poetic skill, but also serves as a way to cope and continue. There will be an emphasis on dialogue around how to decolonize our own art practice and the series of difficulties in choosing to be an artist for a living. This workshop is intended to be a space for community knowledge sharing, for re-energizing ourselves and finding the play in our work again.

The Angelicuss (AKA Anjalica "Anjalicrush" Solmon and Angelica "ANGELIQUOI?" Poversky) are two loud mouth poets that use a medley of spoken word, music, rap, and clown to share their stories. The best friend duo have shared stages with rabbis, scientists, activists, clowns and politicians. They have been invited out to perform in events like the Vancouver Sex Positivity Conference, the CHIMO Voices against Violence against Women Festival, the Vancouver Sustainability Conference and a whole bunch of other brilliance across the country! They are also both organizers of UBC Slam Poetry, and have organized like International UBC Womxn's Day, ARTIVISM and UBC LGBTQUIA2S+ Pride Festival. They run workshops on reappropriating the white male gaze through collage and radical self love and radical play through clown. Also, they are currently working on a Fringe Show which is a musical comedy/spoken word spectacle on reclaiming consent, healing after abuse, and femme empowerment.

Thank you to our funders, the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council for making Voices of Today possible.