Voices of Today Accessibility 

Voices of Today is committed to creating an environment that is accessible to all those wanting to take part in the festival’s events. In reviewing the venue’s level of accessibility, we used https://goo.gl/AAbGUq to assist with this endeavour. Read the full audit at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RthmLYf7rCN9WM2-XDe7EmNFb9OS4ic0_jC1YaN4UwY


All events associated with the festival are pay what you can (suggested donation of $10.00), meaning no one will be turned away due to lack of funds

Transit and Parking

All of our events this year take place at the Toronto Media Arts Centre. The 501 Queen St Street Cars drop off and pick up a 5 minute walk from the front entrance. There are accessible and reserved parking spaces next to the building as well as underground parking.


The main entrance to the building features three sets of doors. The far left doors will be unlocked during any scheduled event. The two sets on the right are not currently usable. All of the doors open by pushing inward, not pulling. The outer door is not powered but the inner one is. If you require assistance with the door, please let us know ahead of time and we will meet you. If you encounter any issues once you've arrived, please call or text (647) 689-6005 and someone will be happy to meet you.


There is one non-gendered washroom on the main floor available without a key or code that does not have automatic doors. There is one non-gendered washroom available without a key or code on the second floor that does not have automatic doors, instead it has a lever handle. The door to the washroom is at least 33 ¾ inches wide. On the second floor there is also a non-gendered washroom with stalls, two of which have wider doors but are not automatic, and more space in the stalls. There is no door to open this bathroom, and the threshold is wider than 33 ¾ inches. There are two stalls with at least 5 feet by 5 feet of clearance inside.

Scents, etc.

The space will be scent free, and free of air fresheners, including in the bathrooms. There may be dander due to support animals, but animals are not normally in the space. The venue is non-smoking. Alcohol and other substances are not offered and not allowed to be consumed in the space. This is an indoor venue so there is shelter available to all guests and participants. It is not possible to rent wheelchairs at the venue. The venue is welcoming to children, and the festival will provide on-site child care. For those who use stims they may not be available at the space, but we encourage folks to bring their own.

Quiet Space

The venue will have a designated Chill Space room. This room will contain comfy furniture and books, and will be there to help folks relax during and in betweene events.


Interpreters will be at finals, and every effort will be made to provide interpreters at as many events as possible. If there is a particular event you wish to attend, please make a request and we will give it priority.


We will be taking photos throughout the festival at various events. For those who would like to avoid having photos taken of them/posted, we will have beaded necklaces for anyone. That way if our photographer snaps a photo of you we will be able to delete it.

If you have any questions in regards to the accessibility of our festival or require follow up on an accessibility matter, please contact Kat Moscone at voicesoftodayFOC@gmail.com.